Addressing Nature & Economy Together

The opportunity to restore degraded lands and seascapes to productivity is enormous, with trillions in unrealized value around the world. Because we have built societies on systems that degrade the earth, we have sown the seeds of our own destruction. Working within the connection between ecological health and economic wellbeing provides new opportunities for growth while healing the earth. Blue Center harnesses this connection to create projects that sequester carbon, increase biodiversity, increase freshwater resources, and restore ocean ecologies, while creating new coastal economies.

Food Security

Today's food systems harm our children's ability to produce food, through deforestation, desertification, freshwater depletion, soil loss, river pollution, and the creation of ocean dead zones. Our center will incubate a new global industry in seawater agriculture that presents none of these problems: a Blue Revolution.

Ocean Ecosystem Restoration

The health of our oceans is decreasing dramatically. Because land ecosystems and ocean ecosystems are interdependent, ensuring the health of our oceans is thus a way to ensure our own health on land.

Regenerative Blue Economies

Blue Center works to create useful markets and products from coastal and ocean ecologies through the stewardship of those ecologies.

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